Department ordinance

(Abteilungsverordnung) of Castellers de Berlin


The following document intends to organise the activities of Castellers de Berlin as a department of
Vereinigung Adler 1912 e.V. It is not legally binding, but an agreement among all its members.

§ 1 Castellers de Berlin

  1. The name of the group (“Colla”) is Castellers de Berlin.
  2. Castellers de Berlin carries out its activities as a department (Abteilung) of the association
    Vereinigung Adler 1912 e.V.
  3. The group is based in Berlin.
  4. The godparents of the group are the Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia.
  5. The working languages are Catalan, German and English. The most appropriate language(s)
    will be used whenever it corresponds in order to promote effective communication.
    a. Castellers de Berlin can be useful to promote Catalan, especially for kids of
    Catalan-German descent.
    b. By using German, Castellers de Berlin can also play an integrating role for
    c. Practicality and functionality must prevail, which tends to favour English.

§ 2 Purpose and Tasks

  1. The aim of Castellers de Berlin is:
    a. the building of human towers, known as castells,
    b. the building of bridges between Catalan and German cultures,
    c. the spread and analysis of castells, including the music played by the gralles and the
    tabals, as well as of Catalan culture in Germany,
    d. the promotion of and participation in Berlin’s cultural life,
    e. the organisation of popular, sport and leisure events.
  2. The objectives will be pursued by means of:
    a. regular training,
    b. the organisation of castell events (diades) in Berlin,
    c. the participation in other castell events outside Berlin,
    d. the organisation of talks, workshops and other activities aimed at the promotion of the castells world in general and thus of Catalan culture.

§ 3 Membership

  1. Anyone who has signed the membership document (Aufnahmeantrag) and pays the
    corresponding fees belongs to Castellers de Berlin (and de facto to Vereinigung Adler 1912
  2. Those who do not pay the corresponding fees but take part in some of the activities of
    Castellers de Berlin have no legal status within Vereinigung Adler 1912 e.V. but may be
    considered members of the Colla.
  3. Those interested in joining the Colla or their legal representatives if underaged can sign the
    document “Insurance Coverage Before Joining an Association” (Versicherungsschutz vor
    einer Vereinsaufnahme), which will allow them to participate in the activities for 4 weeks
    while protected by an insurance without actually belonging to Castellers de Berlin. After
    this period, those interested or their legal representatives will have to sign the “Application
    for Admission” (Aufnahmeantrag) in order to become members of Vereinigung Adler 1912
    e.V. and be able to continue participating in the activities of Castellers de Berlin.
  4. According to the Statute of Vereinigung Adler 1912 e.V., membership will be suspended in
    case of:
    a. written resignation,
    b. expulsion,
    c. death or
    d. dissolution of Castellers de Berlin or Vereinigung Adler 1912 e.V..

§ 4 Fees

  1. Membership fees are defined during the Assembly (Mitgliederversammlung) of Vereinigung
    Adler 1912 e.V.. The payment includes the medical insurance necessary to build castells in
    Germany. As of 4th November 2021:
    a. Trainees (Azubis), students and unemployed: 6 €/month
    b. Adults: 7 €/month
    c. Joint fee for couples — marriages and consensual unions confirmed by a civil
    registry office: 10 €/month
    d. Children aged between 7 and 18 whose parents are also members: 3 €/month
    e. Children aged between 7 and 18 whose parents are not members: 4 €/month
    f. Children under 7: free
  2. If the entire annual fee is paid before 31st of March, only 10 months are to be paid.
  3. The fees will be paid by transfer to the bank account of the Treasury
  4. In case a member decides to exceed the standard contribution established by Vereinigung
    Adler 1912 e.V. when making the payment by bank transfer, the difference will be a
    donation to Vereinigung Adler 1912 e.V..
  5. Any member can make a voluntary additional contribution to Castellers de Berlin without
    thereby receiving any privileges. The contribution will be paid to the person responsible for
    the treasury of the organisation (“Treasurer”). Nevertheless, in case that member wishes to
    receive a receipt to claim the donation in the income tax return in Germany, the
    contribution will be made to Vereinigung Adler 1912 e.V. with the reference
    “Zweckgebundene Spende für Castellers de Berlin”.
  6. In practice, both Castellers de Berlin and Vereinigung Adler 1912 e.V. will be responsible for
    checking whether members are keeping up with their payments. However, the ultimate
    responsibility lies with the Board and Treasury of Vereinigung Adler 1912 e.V. and they
    alone will be able to impose sanctions in the event of default. Regardless of any payments,
    all members are covered by insurance.

§ 5 Rights and Duties of the Members of Castellers de Berlin

  1. All members of Castellers de Berlin have the following rights:
    a. The right to participate, within their capabilities and in accordance with the
    technical managers’ discretion, in the building of castells, as well as to voluntarily
    cooperate in the organisation and smooth running of the group’s activities.
    b. The right to have access to the managers of the Colla — organisational and technical
    managers, as well as other working committees — as interlocutors at all times.
    c. The right to participate in the periodic organisational meeting (“Assemblea
    General”), where they will have the right to speak and vote. The legal
    representatives of minors will decide on how their right to speak and vote is
    d. The right to be elected to representative positions or to hold executive positions —
    for members of legal age.
    e. The right to receive information on the activities of Castellers de Berlin and
    Vereinigung Adler 1912 e.V..
    f. The right to set up and join working committees.
  2. All members of Castellers de Berlin have the following duties:
    a. Respect the rules of Castellers de Berlin and Vereinigung Adler 1912 e.V..
    b. Behave respectfully and contribute to the well-being of the other members of the group.
    c. Collaborate, as far as possible, in the activities of the Colla.
    d. Follow the instructions of technical managers during the group’s activities and performances.
    e. Pay the membership fees.

§ 6 Rehearsals

  1. Rehearsals will take place when established by organisational and technical managers.
  2. In order to take part in rehearsals, suitable clothes will be required — a shirt other than the
    official one, long trousers, faixa and helmet in the case of children. Castellers de Berlin will
    provide helmets and faixes for those who do not own any.
  3. Information about rehearsals and possible eventualities will be provided via e-mail, instant
    messaging and also in person.
  4. Members will be asked to confirm their absence or attendance if organisational and
    technical managers consider it necessary in order to organise rehearsals in a proper
  5. It is strongly recommended to hold a quick feedback session with all participants at the end
    of every rehearsal.

§ 7 Performances

  1. The time schedule for performances will be communicated beforehand during rehearsals
    and in writing via e-mail, instant messaging and social networks.
  2. Organisational managers will try to plan and budget any possible trips outside Berlin.
  3. The group’s particular symbols — official shirt, white trousers… — will be worn during
    performances, workshops or similar events.

§ 8 Organisational and Technical Managers (“Juntècnica”)

  1. The organisational and technical managers of Castellers de Berlin are:
    a. Representative of the Colla (“President”): organisational head in charge of directing
    and coordinating the smooth running of the activities of the Colla.
    b. Accounting manager (“Treasurer”): in charge of accounting, management and
    documentation of the economic and material resources of the Colla. They will present account statements when appropriate — periodically at the end and beginning of every year, before carrying out an activity that requires funds…
    c. Technical manager (“Cap de Colla”): person in charge of conducting rehearsals, planning castells and deciding on possible performances together with the rest of managers. This position requires specific technical know-how in the field of castells.
    d. Organisational and/or technical support, with a variable number of members depending on needs and availability.
  2. The tasks of the organisational and technical managers are:
    a. To set goals — achieving certain structures, carrying out performances… — and to
    work towards achieving them.
    b. To keep a memory of goals in order to streamline and follow up on the work of the
    c. To carry out all necessary procedures before public bodies, entities and other
    people in order to obtain possible subsidies or other grants.
    d. To find and facilitate all necessary spaces and resources for the group’s activities.
    e. To disseminate the activities of the Colla through any existing channels —social
    networks, e-mail, web, flyers…
  3. All organisational and technical managers will carry out their tasks as openly and
    transparently as possible and will organise their work as they see fit in order to ensure the
    smooth running of the activities of the Colla. They may also delegate to other members of
    the Colla. Working groups and committees can be created in order to cover certain needs
    and lighten the workload of organisational and technical managers.
  4. The taking of technical decisions is the exclusive task of the technical manager and his or
    her collaborators. Special attention must be paid to the technical and personal needs of
    children. Ideally, people responsible exclusively for children will be designated and will
    receive feedback both from children and their legal representatives.
  5. Since its activities are carried out mainly by “nonnatives”, Castellers de Berlin usually has a
    shifting line-up of members. Therefore, changes in the composition of the group of
    organisational and technical managers may happen very often. If necessary, the
    replacement of one or more managers will be decided on exclusively by the group itself.
    Any change will be duly communicated to the Colla, whether at the General Assembly,
    during rehearsals or otherwise.

§ 9 Periodic Organisational Meeting (“General Assembly”)

  1. Function
    a. Although every effort will be made to guarantee fluid and constant communication
    between all members of the Colla, a periodic organisational meeting (“General Assembly”) will be held at least once a year in order to offer a regular meeting point
    for the evaluation and planification of the development of the activities of Castellers de Berlin.
  2. Convening
    a. The Assembly will be held at least once a year, preferably before the summer break
    to adapt to the school calendar.
    b. Organisational and technical managers will be responsible for convening the
    Assembly. They will do so by electronic means — via e-mail and/or instant
    messaging — and also in person — during rehearsals, social activities… This will be
    done well in advance — approximately one month in advance — to guarantee that
    as many members as possible can participate.
    c. The Assembly will be held in person but may also be held electronically if
    circumstances require.
  3. Development
    a. At the beginning of the Assembly, those in charge of moderating and taking minutes
    will be determined.
    b. Organisational and technical managers will be responsible for drawing up a first
    version of the agenda based on the analysis of the previous period. This first version
    will be reviewed at the beginning of the meeting and may be broadened or
    modified with proposals and suggestions from other members of the Colla.
    c. The Assembly will consist of at least the following points:
    i. Memorandum of the main events occurred during the previous period —
    including performances, possible replacements in the group of
    organisational and technical managers…
    ii. Brief monetary balance.
    iii. Election of organisational and technical managers. If there are several teams
    of candidates and it is not possible to agree on a mixed team, all groups will
    be presented and a decision will be taken by simple majority.
    iv. Planning for the next period.
    v. Open discussion — feedback, proposals, suggestions, doubts, questions…
    d. Once raised, the various topics may be left to discussion. In the event that a specific
    decision needs to be taken on any issue, a simple majority vote will apply — it will
    be secret if somebody explicitly calls for it.
    e. Those members of Castellers de Berlin who are unable to attend the General
    Assembly may delegate their vote to another member who is indeed present. The
    person delegating their vote will have to put it on record beforehand. Each member
    will receive a maximum of one proxy vote. Likewise, absent members who wish to
    express their opinion on any topic may do so also by proxy or through a video, voice
    message or by other means.
    f. All members of the Colla will receive the minutes of the Assembly in written form or
    preferably by electronic means — e-mail and/or instant messaging applications.

§ 10 Dispute Resolution

  1. In case of a dispute between two or more members of Castellers de Berlin, a neutral person
    accepted by all parties will be appointed to act as a mediator to resolve the conflict.
  2. In the event that no agreement can be reached on the person to fulfil this function, the
    Board (Vorstand) of Vereinigung Adler 1912 e.V. will be called upon.